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Give Natural Medicine a Try!

Feel free to contact me via either phone or email if you have questions about how we can work together to optimize your health, or to schedule an apointment!


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To me, Natural Medicine is just common sense!  Let's figure out what is stopping YOU from feeling your best, and then harness your body's natural healing abilities to get you feeling BETTER! 

My Philosophy...    “Health is Freedom”

I believe that health gives you freedom... the freedom to do what YOU want to do. Mentally and physically. Health isn’t about a lab test or a number, it is about being happy and having the ability and motivation to work towards and attain your goals. Whether this is running a marathon, having a baby, or playing with your grandchildren, I know that Natural Medicine can help.


“My Journey to Naturopathic Medicine”

Every day I am amazed by the human body! I feel incredibly lucky to have the job I do. It is SO satisfying to HELP people change their heath and lives for the better. Over and over again I see people who have tried to find solutions with traditional medicine but never see any true improvement because the CAUSE of their illness was never addressed.

When I was finishing my PhD in England, working in a large busy hospital with very sick children, I had a ‘career and life crisis’. I had decided at the age of 16 that I would study nutrition and then become a doctor, but suddenly going to traditional medical school just didn’t seem like the right thing to do. It just didn’t make sense to me based on what I kept observing: the human body is much more than just a collection of symptoms that need to be ‘fixed’ with pills. Thankfully, a good friend asked me if I had considered Naturopathic Medicine. At that time I was not familiar with Naturopathic Medicine but as soon as I started my research I knew it was the PERFECT fit for me. Naturopathic Medicine is all about figuring out what is REALLY going on in the body, removing the cause of the disharmony and then supporting the body through the healing process. Because Naturopathic Physicians are trained in many different modalities, our tool belts are stocked! Herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, Chinese medicine... knowing how to use these different modalities allows me to create the BEST treatment plan for each and every person I see. Everyone is different, and no one treatment will work for everyone. But by working WITH the patient and solving the mystery of WHY they are ill, healing happens.


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